Bullet Necklace with Stamped Message

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In the dropdowns below please choose the necklace color as well as which bracelet you want.

Please specify in the Product Customization box below the casing and gem color you would like, as well as any stamped messages or player numbers.

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Choose the color of the Necklace, Caliber Casing, and Gem Style. 

Available Casings:

  • 9MM Brass/Nickel
  • .45 ACP Brass/Nickel
  • .38 Special Brass/Nickel
  • .357 Magnum Brass/Nickel
  • 30-06 Brass
  • 380 Auto Brass/Nickel
  • .40 S&W Brass/Nickel¬†
  • 243 Brass
  • 30-30 Brass
  • 7mm Brass
  • .308 Brass

The headstamps will match and will be clean and legible, the brands will be randomly selected unless you specify a specific brand during checkout. We will attempt to meet your request if we have those brands available, otherwise, a random brand will be used.

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